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As a Spouse, You Have “4 Primary Rights” with Regard to His Disclosure!

One of THE most important milestones in real recovery is when a porn/sex addict prepares a completely transparent and authentic "disclosure" of his past discretions and betrayals and then presents it to his spouse. This is often referred to as "D-day." And while the addict plays a key role in this process, there is also a VERY significant and essential focus on the betrayed spouse that must not be discounted or sidestepped in any way. In this episode, Mark and Steve address the needs and "rights" of the betrayed spouse in the disclosure process. The 4 Primary Rights you have with regard to his disclosure are— 1. The right to choose when and how the disclosure will take place. 2. In a "boundaried" and healthy way, the right to ask and have answered any and all questions. 3. The right to have a "full voice" in the disclosure process, including an "Impact Statement." 4. The right to specific, measurable and accountable reconciliation and amends.

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