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How Can I Ever Dare to Trust Him Again?

When there has been Betrayal Trauma, it can seem impossible to ever dare to fully trust again. A PBSE listener describes this struggle as "foreboding joy"—things can be going OK in the relationship, even happy, but there's always this "shadow" in the background threatening to "blindside" her with another betrayal. Here's how she describes it— I came into the relationship with many self-esteem and insecurity issues which, of course, have only been deepened by his betrayal. The thing I struggle with most is the concept of "foreboding joy." When things are going smoothly I feel like I trigger myself because I can't seem to believe that things can be going so smoothly because I was fooled for so many years. Is this a concept you can discuss in the podcast and maybe share ways to quiet those negative voices when they become overwhelming? In this episode, Mark and Steve cover in detail, the basic key elements needed in order for a betrayed partner to dare to start trusting again.

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