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TV, Movies & Media in a Betrayed Relationship—Part Two: What to do if you are the Spouse.

In episode 110, Mark and Steve addressed the responsibility that a recovering porn/sex addict has with regard to TV, movies and media--both for his own recovery and in creating the environment where his spouse can feel safe and heal. In this episode, Mark and Steve get super real about how crazy hard it can be for a betrayed spouse to trust her recovering addict husband around TV, movies, media and in public in general! HOW can a spouse trying to heal from betrayal trauma navigate her spouse's behaviors around media? - Let him own HIS recovery! - Your job is not to make him change, police him, mind-read him or be hyper-vigilant. Your healthy role is to hold your boundaries in response to his action or inaction. - How can a betrayed spouse ever feel a sense of peace and trust while at the same time letting go of his "stuff"? - How can you "be enough" regardless of his behaviors? How do you take care of you? - What if he betrays you again--then what???

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