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Are YOU Choosing Your Life . . . OR . . . is "IT" Choosing You?

Mark and Steve get personal and talk about how, for much of their lives, they lived in "victim mode" and ran around spouting off cliches like, "I'm a realist," and "It is what it is," and "Things never change, so why bother?!" As CRAZY as it sounds, much of our TRUE POWER resides in this bold claim: "Acceptance is the answer to many of life's problems." Listen in as Mark and Steve talk about HOW to: - Embrace serenity in accepting the things you can't change; - Muster the courage to change the things you can; - Find the wisdom to know the difference!

Find out more about Steve Moore at: Ascension Counseling

Learn more about Mark Kastleman at: Reclaim Counseling Services Learn why his porn addiction and the Betrayal Trauma it brings is NOT YOUR FAULT— Find out HOW Porn use can easily turn into a "Drug Addiction?— Is there a difference between "true intimacy" and "sex"?— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—

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