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Breaking Free from the "Victim Trap" of His Porn Addiction!

Addiction and Betrayal Trauma can easily plunge us into the "Victim Trap"! In this dark place, it is nearly impossible to progress on our paths of recovery and healing. In in episode which is "Part One," Mark and Steve discuss—

- How being distracted by your "partner's stuff" and drained by his or her issues leaves you no energy to work on your own stuff.

- In being a "victim" you give away power over your own happiness.

- Why the Victim Trap throws us into a cycle of perpetual hopelessness.

- Basing your "inner peace" on his "external actions" = Endless Frustration!

- Staying stuck in the Victim Trap will eventually lead to a bitter divorce—AND—you'll simply carriage your "emotional luggage" into the next relationship!

- One of the first steps to breaking out of the Victim Trap is "Healthy, Accurate ACCOUNTABILITY"!

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