Ditch the “New Year’s Resolution" BS—it doesn’t work!

Can you believe it—it's a NEW YEAR! And it's that infamous time again--New Year's Resolutions! In this episode Mark and Steve get real about WHY these resolutions virtually never work to produce long-term LASTING change. Using the "resolution" approach, especially for overcoming porn addiction and healing betrayal trauma, often does just the opposite! Here's why—

- We mistake "novelty" and initial "excitement" as true commitment.

- New Year's Resolution "energy" is only temporary--the brain CANNOT sustain it!

- Mark and Steve declared "blood oaths" and "this will be the absolute LAST time", only to fall right back into old addiction habits by February.

- It's NOT about goals—it must be about "Daily Systems" if you want to succeed long-term.

- It's NOT about quantity or even quality--it's all about CONSISTENCY.

- Learn the Power of Piggybacking to harness your brain's natural change capacities.

- Learn the True Formula for CHANGE in the New Year--and it's NOT the old New Year's Resolution!

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