Pulling Out a Chair for God at Your Marriage Table.

If you want your marriage to truly be ALL that it can be, we HIGHLY recommend pulling out a chair for God at your marriage table. But that can be easier said than done!

In this episode, Mark and Steve talk in-depth about HOW to build a marriage partnership with God—

  • Addiction and betrayal can easily create a kind of "God-trauma" for each spouse individually and for the marriage--how can you navigate this?

  • You each bring your past knowledge and experience with God to your marriage. How can you BUILD on that past to evolve and grow together as a couple?

  • Be willing as a couple to explore how your connection with God currently does or doesn't work and what it can become.

  • Be willing to try new approaches to spirituality in your marriage.

  • Plan out a spiritual direction, but have a willingness to be flexible and adapt as needed. 

  • Learn HOW to engage in raw, vulnerable, transparent "couple prayer" as an irreplaceable part of your deep marital connection.  

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