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Pulling Out a Chair for God at Your Marriage Table.

If you want your marriage to truly be ALL that it can be, we HIGHLY recommend pulling out a chair for God at your marriage table. But that can be easier said than done!

In this episode, Mark and Steve talk in-depth about HOW to build a marriage partnership with God—

  • Addiction and betrayal can easily create a kind of "God-trauma" for each spouse individually and for the marriage--how can you navigate this?

  • You each bring your past knowledge and experience with God to your marriage. How can you BUILD on that past to evolve and grow together as a couple?

  • Be willing as a couple to explore how your connection with God currently does or doesn't work and what it can become.

  • Be willing to try new approaches to spirituality in your marriage.

  • Plan out a spiritual direction, but have a willingness to be flexible and adapt as needed. 

  • Learn HOW to engage in raw, vulnerable, transparent "couple prayer" as an irreplaceable part of your deep marital connection.  

Find out more about Steve Moore at:  Ascension Counseling

Learn more about Mark Kastleman at:  Reclaim Counseling Services Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?— Ready to STOP Keeping Secrets in your marriage?— What is the difference between "True Intimacy" and "sex" in a marriage relationship?—

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