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Recovery, Healing & the Holidays—Par Two: "Self Care? Forget that! It's the Holidays, Bro!"

It's SO easy to "go off the self-care rails" during the Holidays! If we're not careful, we can tend to use as an excuse for laziness, apathy, self-indulgence, disconnection, etc., the old "Yah, but it's the Holidays!" In this Part Two episode, Steve and Mark talk about their own tendencies to fall prey to "holiday laziness" and how easy it is to fall out of the structure and routine of HEALTHY LIVING!!!

Find out more about Steve Moore at: Ascension Counseling

Learn more about Mark Kastleman at: Reclaim Counseling Services Here's an article about healing Betrayal Trauma— Want to learn more about HOW to break free from porn?— Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—

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