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Recovery, Healing & the Holidays—Part One: Preparing for and Managing Triggers

The holidays are a time for MAJOR EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS—good and bad. In fact the Holidays are intended and designed to elicit intense emotions. These can be ignited by our internal or external environments. In this episode (part one of a 3-part holiday series) Mark and Steve get real about HOW to deal with holiday triggers in a healthy way— - Normalize your holiday triggers—they're going to happen!

- Practice simply "being" with your emotions as opposed to "doing" something about them.

- Learn to break them down by playing the "what & why game."

- Once identified, turn to effective tools to manage your triggers. - Connect with healthy people who truly care about you. - Own your emotions and allow others to own theirs. - You may need to let go of some traditions and adopt others that are more healthy. - Have an "escape plan" for emotional emergencies.

Find out more about Steve Moore at: Ascension Counseling

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