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Recovery, Healing & the Holidays—Part Three: Finding Serenity in the Midst of Family "Stuff"

During the holidays, "families" can be both an opportunity AND a challenge! Family interactions can support us on our paths of recovery and healing OR knock us off the path!

In this Part Three episode, Mark and Steve offer guidance on HOW to successfully navigate family and the holidays—

- Balancing TIME between self, marriage and family.

- What to do when "enmeshed" family dynamics collide with new recovery and healing skills.

- How we can easily fall into old unhealthy family "roles."

- How do you learn to say, "No" ?

- How to set and maintain healthy boundaries in family situations.

- How can you balance Transparency and Safety?

- Let go of expectations and don't take things personal!

- Create NEW holiday traditions that bring Intimacy and Connection.

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