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As an Addict, How Can You Move Past Your Defensiveness to Truly Connect With Your Spouse?

In this episode, Mark and Steve respond to a PBSE listener's sincere inquiry about HOW to move through his defensiveness in response to his wife's legitimate trauma triggers. Here's his message and question to PBSE— I am a sex and love addict, I have found that I perceive my life in negative defensive ways. When my wife pulls away from me for mental safety I perceive it as her wanting to abandon me. How do I repair that? I don’t want to continue being so defensive. I understand where my defensiveness came from in the enmeshed life I lived with my trauma filled mom. My wife’s defense mechanism is omission of information and mental bullying, overtaking conversations or dominating situations. I have never been able to trust in my life due to my moms training from our enmeshment and her traumas I took on. How do I get ahead of this and start trusting my wife in healthy ways; knowing her defense mechanisms….?

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