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Basic Recovery/Healing Tools, Part One: The Power of Journaling

The problem— Addicts—tuned out; numbed out; in-denial; lack emotional “wholeness” skills; the opposite of mindfulness is the state of compulsion/addiction; truthful vs. hiding; open vs. isolated; confront vs. escape and avoid; resilient vs. fragile; reality vs. fantasy; imposter vs. true/higher self Partners—In survival mode; trying to make it thru the day; intrusive thoughts; difficulty trusting anyone, including themselves; their own internal “gut” is compromised; living reactively rather than proactively; defense mechanisms are compromising their authenticity, which then leads to self-betrayal. An integral part of the solution: Journaling— - Forces us to slow down and examine before reacting - Crucible for practicing self-examination, authenticity, vulnerability, accountability, etc., free from self-judgment and judgment from others. - Preparation tool for connection (i.e., Couples Check-ins) How? - Unfiltered; for your eyes-only; no journaling for "posterity;" not rushed. - A little bit each day is MUCH better than a lot once a week. - Use the S.O.A.P. method to guide your journaling.

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