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How Can an Addict and Partner Stay “Safe” During Holiday Trips and Vacations?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In episode 203, Mark and Steve tackle an issue that is often extremely challenging for both the individual who is in recovery from porn/sex addiction AND for their partner who is healing from betrayal trauma. That issue is—Trips and Travel—during the holidays as well as trips and vacations throughout the year. - WHY can trips and vacations be SO triggering for both the addict and their partner?! - HOW is safety created for addicts AND their partners when the addict travels "solo"? - HOW is safety created for the addict and the partner when they travel together as a couple? - WHY every guy in recovery from porn/sex addiction MUST create, share and follow through with a "TRAVEL PLAN." - WHAT are the specific, essential elements of a Travel Plan?

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