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Is It Simply "Sex Addiction," or Something More?—Examining the Nuances/Roots of Addiction Behaviors.

In this episode, Mark and Steve tackle a VERY important issue—examining the nuances and roots of addiction behaviors. This is in response to a PBSE listener's question— "I recently discovered my husband hired a prostitute for himself while away on business. Since this discovery it’s come out that my husband was viewing porn and visiting massage parlors with regularity. My question, as we are only about a month into this process, is how do you know if your spouse has a sex addiction versus poor morals/lack of respect for the relationship? Our therapy team is calling these issues sex addiction but the people I trust most in my life question if his behaviors are truly addictive versus behavioral. I’m confused." - What this PBSE listener describes could definitely be evidence of addictive/compulsive behaviors. However, using their therapy team to consider some other additional reasons for the behaviors would be wise—Is it a single-causation issue, like addiction, or does it include other variables, including but not limited to— - Lack of attachment skills or knowledge base. - History of past dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships. - Styles of attachment modeled by influential figures (male role models, attachment styles between parents, etc.). - How long have these behaviors been going on? Does he have a history of various forms of acting out, or is this a new or rapid-onset problem? - Are there any other pre-existing or co-occurring mental health conditions? - Trauma is one of, if not THE most common root of addiction behaviors—how this plays a role is critical. - In most cases, the case for addiction isn’t completely black and white, and even when it is, understanding it’s true roots, not just the behaviors, is the key to effective treatment.

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