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Let's Talk "Fetishes"!

In this episode, Mark and Steve tackle a series of questions sent in by a PBSE listener. She and her partner are in good, solid recovery with a therapist and support groups. A major issue that has come up is her partner's long-standing "sexual fetish" which has ties to abuse he suffered as a child. The fetish is often triggered when he sees women in public. Here are the specific questions she has about this issue— - Is it ok to explore his fetish or could that keep him in his addiction and his struggles with lust? - If he is 're-creating' his childhood abuse via his fetish, could this be helpful or harmful to him? - He has a high sex drive. Would abstinence from sex for a while (he HATES this idea) help loosen his attachment to his fetish, and his relationship with lust, fantasy and objectification? I'm scared this fetish could bombard him with urges to watch porn or to fantasize about women in public. In their raw and real style, Mark and Steve take these questions head-on!

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Learn more about Mark Kastleman at: Reclaim Counseling Services Here's an article about how to HEAL from Betrayal Trauma—

To learn more about HOW to overcome porn and sex addiction, check out this article—

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