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The “Abuse Cycle” Par Two—The Impact of Abuse on Betrayal Trauma and Healing

In Episode 127, Mark and Steve addressed the "Abuse Cycle" and its effects on addicts in recovery. In this episode, they talk directly to the partners of addicts. How does the Abuse Cycle impact partners suffering from Betrayal Trauma and their healing process? Factors to be aware of regarding the Abuse Cycle— - Abuse from prior romantic/non-romantic relationships including childhood. This can include abuse that is often "discounted" such as a history of neglect, dysfunctional family systems, gaslighting, etc.) This trauma history establishes "relationship rules" which impact abuse in a current relationship. - "Cultural traditions" have an impact on current abuse cycles—being a "caretaker;" going along to get along to keep family members/spouse stable and happy; "patriarchy" issues, etc. - Trauma creates "echoes" that travel from one relationship to the next. Current trauma can be "amplified" based on past experiences and can create increased pain, aversion and responses due to past intensity and frequency. - What happens when trauma becomes your "expert" or your "obstacle"? - Why a support system outside the abusive relationship is SO critical to healing!

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Here's an article regarding how pornography can create a "drug-like-dependence"—

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