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What if my Addict Partner DEMANDS Sex so He can Stay Sober?

In this episode, Mark and Steve directly address a spouse's extremely difficult situation. Here's a small excerpt from the message she sent to PBSE— He has been an off and on again porn user through the years, and currently claims he is not using it. Since he has given it up, the demand for sex is nearly daily with clear expectations that “sex must happen every other day” or he will relapse and it will be my fault. - Attempting to transfer ownership of sobriety to a partner. - Using threats of acting out or other emotional outbursts if "his needs" are not met. - The challenge with a partner not being willing or able to set and hold clear boundaries. - How a partner can "lose her voice" in the relationship. - Why the phrase "sex is optional" is crucial to true, holistic intimacy and connection in a relationship.

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